Komarow & Associates


Are you paying too much for coverage?
Is your cash value underutilized?
Do your policies meet your current needs?

We specialize in providing a multi faceted analysis of your current business or personal life and disability insurance program that addresses these important questions and reviews issues that are usually overlooked in standard insurance planning.

Policy Review

  • In nearly 70% of policies audited, there are more effective products available. Any recommendation to move to a new policy is given after careful consideration and only when true benefits can be found for the policy owners. As your broker, we recommend the products that are right fit for you, from more than 100 high- quality companies.

Employee Benefits

  • Providing comprehensive benefits is becoming crucial to attracting highly qualified and motivated staff. At Komarow & Associates, we consider your budget and reward objectives and tailor them to the types and number of employees within your company. We also offer administrative services, claims support and renewal analysis, which can be adapted to changing corporate goals.

Corporate & Personal Planning

  • We help you structure and fund programs to insure the transfer of your business to heirs or partners in the event of death or disability. We provide you with solutions that address estate preservation and assist the transfer of wealth to younger generations. In addition, we offer individual life, long- term- care and income disability coverage to protect you and your family. We also specialize in obtaining offers of coverage for clients with health issues.

Disability Insurance

  • Disability insurance is all too often overlooked. Not only can it protect your personal earning potential, but it also can be used to fund the transfer of shares in a business in the event a partner or shareholder can no longer work. In addition, specialized types of disability insurance can provide a temporary income stream for business expenses if an owner, partner or key employee is disabled. If you would like additional information concerning disability insurance, request that an agent contact you in the space provided below.

For more information or to make an appointment with our life insurance specialist, contact Celeste Rae, Manager, Manzo Insurance Agency, LLC, at 201-933-1457 or at celeste@manzoinsurance.com.